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Hector and Enrique at

Hector and Enrique at
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Hector Brands and Enrique Iglesias are just sitting around in Hector's room talking about their recent sexual conquests, and Hector is getting horny. He rubs the bulge in his jeans, and quickly pulls his pants off revealing his hardening cock. He gives it a few strokes, which is all the invitation that Enrique needs to come over and help out. Enrique kneels down in front of Hector, grabs his thick uncut piece of meat, and gently strokes it a few times before leaning over and taking the entire thing into his mouth. Enrique is an experienced cocksucker, and easily deep-throats Hector all the way down to the root. Enrique alternates between sucking on Hector's sausage and jacking it with his hand. Hector is truly enjoying the experience and pulls his shirt up to tweak his nipples. Hector stands up and fully removes his shirt, and Enrique goes back to work bobbing up and down on Hector's now rock-hard cock. Enrique lays back on the bed, on his back, with his face at the foot of the bed and aimed at Hector's groin. Hector moves forward and starts to face-fuck Enrique. After several minutes of this, Hector gets up on the bed, laying back, and Enrique crawls up next to him and resumes the blowjob. Hector has been on the edge for a while, and he can't take it any longer. He takes things into his own hands, grabbing his cock and jacking it intensely. Enrique leans down to lick Hector's cockhead, just in time to receive a glob of hot cum on his cheek as Hector finally blows. Enrique squeezes and sucks the remaining jizz from Hector's still hard pole, as the scene fades to black.

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