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Parkside Pickup at www.8teenboy.com

Parkside Pickup at www.8teenboy.com
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Cute and confident, Garrett Kinsley strolls through his neighborhood park with a sexy, sure stride that just lets one KNOW, he’s PACKIN’! He spots fine assed, Jonah Fisher, with the cutest dog/dick magnet he’s seen; and, Kinsley’s cranks his flirt game up to 11! Within m a matter of minutes, the cock charmer invites the delicious dog owner back to his place, to REALLY slip him a bone! The twinktastic pair get right to it the second they reach Garrett’s place, revealing rock hard, young physiques, and a delectable desire to suck dick. Thirsty boy Jonah unwraps Garrett’s ginormous jock, and gives the gorgeous gift the gold star suck job it deserves. Anxious to see what dirty dog, Fisher is workin’ with, Kinsley strips the young stud from his fire hot, red drawers, and DEFINITELY isn’t disappointed! He mashes his moist mouth up and down the dude’s thick dick like a cock hungry cannibal, deep throating the beefy beast all the way to those big, fat, bust filled balls. Knowing Garrett’s got some junk in the trunk, Jonah jumps at the chance to toss the lad’s legs in the air, and goes buck wild, licking the boy’s button. It’d be a shame to let all Fisher’s wet work go to waste; so, the brunette bone slinger pushes his perfect pole in all the way, with one thick dicked thrust. His beautiful bubble butt works overtime, muscling his hips in hard, while highlighting his chiseled, completely smooth physique. After his intense anal workout, Garrett’s anxious to top that bubble; so, he offers the raw dogger a ride. Jonah jockeys his hog hungry hole down on Kinsley’s cock, letting out an incredible moan when he’s filled balls deep. He rides the big rig like a pro, even squeezing those epic ass muscles for an amazing show. Kinsley turns up the heat, heaving his hips upward, like the horn dog he is, as Jonah jumps for giant jocked joy. Our tall, tan top then picks his boy up, lowers him onto his back, then bangs the breaks off the boy! Jonah jacks his juicy joystick the entire time, causing his body to tense with chiseled young muscle. Then, he shoots HEAVY cream from his cock cannon, blasting all the way up to his collar bone! Kinsley joins the creamy party, flooding Fisher with a piping hot, fresh batch of boy batter.

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Sat August 5, 2023 3:01am

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